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Principal and Assistant Principal Evaluation Process

three school administrators

New Mexico statutes 22-10A-11(G) NMSA require the Public Education Department to adopt a highly objective uniform statewide standard of evaluation, which includes data sources linked to student achievement and an educational plan for student success (EPSS) progress, for level three-B school principals and assistant school principals. The system is also linked to the leaders’ level of responsibility at each school level, along with rules for the implementation of the evaluation system.

In accordance with this law, the New Mexico Highly Objective Uniform Statewide Standard of Evaluation for Principals and Assistant Principals (HOUSSE-P) was developed over a two-year period. The evaluation system represents the work of many dedicated stakeholders familiar with the unique context of New Mexico and its schools. All those involved in the design of the evaluation system expected that the system would be a reflection of the most recent research and knowledge about school leaders and leadership performance evaluation. The HOUSSE-P Handbook is divided into three primary sections. The first section provides a short overview of the principal evaluation process followed by the New Mexico Principal Leadership Competencies and Indicators (NMPLCI). This section also presents the actual evaluation process with examples of evidence and data sources to assist users in the development of the Professional Development Plan (PDP), including all requirements and a definition of key terms. The second section includes each of the forms utilized for HOUSSE-P implementation. The third section overviews the background of HOUSSE-P and delineates the extensive work that several HOUSSE-P committees accomplished to include: an overview of the development process, statement of philosophy, and guiding principles. Section three also includes the New Mexico Code of Ethics for the Education Profession [ NMAC – N, 04-30-01].


Please note - the HOUSSE-P forms provided in the Handbook are not “Interactive” and will not allow the user to enter text. Therefore, as you download the Handbook for year-one implementation, also download the “Interactive” versions of Form A, B, C and D. These interactive versions are the same as those provided in the Handbook and allow the user to enter text.

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