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Same Level Licensure (SLL)

Note: In an effort to provide a more convenient and efficient payment process, the NMPED is now accepting online payments for services provided by the NM Online Licensure system (i.e., PDD, OPAL and Same Level Licensure Renewal submissions). At this time, our manual payment option has been discontinued and all future payments should be submitted using the provided link. If you have any difficulty using the online payment portal, please contact us.


diverse group of teachers

To be eligible to renew your Level 2 or Level 3 license through the electronic system on line, be advised that you are required to be employed and are responsible for contacting your employing school district for recommendation.

Only licenses that are expiring within the year or the year of expiration will be eligible to renew through VL.

District Administrators

To qualify to participate in the Same Level Licensure renewal application process, you must be currently employed by a public school district, charter school, private school, BIE school, or non-public school. Current Supervisors or District Administrators should register as Administrators within the Vision Link system to access educators' renewal applications. Administrators are also asked to indicate whether or not applicants have submitted the proper Board licenses to the school or district and are meeting licensure competencies.


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