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Mentorship for Beginning Teachers

Support for our new teachers means support for our students!


female teachers in a mentor/mentee relationshipAll beginning teachers holding a level I New Mexico teaching license and employed in a New Mexico public school district, charter school, or state agency shall successfully complete a one to three year beginning teacher mentorship program provided by the public school district, charter school or state agency. The New Mexico Legislature recognizes the importance of beginning teacher mentoring in New Mexico and has allocated money to help districts support their beginning teacher mentoring programs.

Induction and Mentorship of new teachers has been identified nationally as a critical part of teacher retention, student achievement and enhanced school culture. We must not wait long years for new teachers to acquire the necessary skills to become effective teachers through trial and error. Quality support for beginning teachers can make an almost immediate positive impact on their students.

On the whole, the school reform movement has ignored the obvious: What teachers know and can do makes the critical difference in what children learn. Policies can improve schools only if the people in them are armed with the knowledge, skills, and supports they need. Student learning in this country will improve only when we focus our efforts on improving teaching.

— from the Report of the National Commission of Teaching and America's Future

Current research from the New Teacher Center at Santa Cruz supports the funding of strong mentorship programs with this data:

For every $1 spent in comprehensive multi-year teacher mentoring programs, the school will see a return of $1.66.

— NTC Research Brief, June 2007 and S1979 bill

Furthermore, research indicates that a comprehensive induction program for new teachers leads to significant reading achievement gains for their students.

— NTC Research Brief, January 2006


Public policy provides a framework for positive change. The Public Education Department and the New Mexico State Legislature believe in the importance of Mentoring and Induction for New Teachers and support it with policy.

This policy support includes a focus on District and Charter School Mentorship Programs, specifically the alignment of the programs with statute and NMAC rule.


A survey instrument was developed and implemented in February 2008. The intention of this survey process was to ask beginning teachers, mentor teachers and administrators about their experience with district and school-level mentorship programs.


These forms are provided to help build and monitor the mentoring program

Support for New Teachers Through High-Quality Mentoring and Induction: A Resource Packet Provided for New Mexico School Districts and Charters by the New Mexico Public Education Department

Download individual forms:

The use of these forms is not required; they are a possible option, and available at the bottom of this page. Districts and charters are free to create their own documents that help to monitor program fidelity.

Updates and Resources for Building Your District or Charter School Program to Support New Teachers

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