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PDD for Reviewers

Note: Effective December 9, 2014, the Public Education Department (PED) has increased the amount for License Application Processing Fee. View the new licensure fee structure.

The Institute of Professional Development at the University of New Mexico is seeking applicants to review Professional Development Dossiers (PDD). As part of New Mexico's 3-Tiered Licensure, the PDDs offer teachers opportunities to advance their level of licensure. Each PDD is reviewed by two trained reviewers, one of whom must have experience in the same grade level or content area.

PDD Reviewer Eligibility Requirements

The Professional Development Dossier (PDD) is the cornerstone of advancement for teachers in the 3-Tiered Licensure System. The PDD reviewer serves an essential function in the 3-Tiered Teacher Licensure System.

Reviewers will be selected based on areas of licensure and endorsement and geographic area. Particular areas of need are bilingual, physical education, vocational education, Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences and Library/Media.

Reviewers must also agree to follow all policies of the program and attend yearly updates. Review of the PDDs is online, and you will be offered an honorarium for each dossier you review.


For questions concerning PDD content and preparation, email Institute for Professional Development(IPD).

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