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Please Note: Dossier Submission Deadline extended to June 1, 2019
The Professional Licensure Bureau (PLB) will be extending the Dossier submission to June 1, 2019 at midnight. With this extension there WILL NOT be another window re-opened for those who fail a strand/all strands. Please work with your educators to make sure all Dossiers are submitted prior to the deadline of June 1, 2019.

Intro to the Professional Development Dossier (PDD)

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The Professional Development Dossier (PDD) is a focused, compact collection of documentation compiled by the teacher seeking licensure advancement (Strands A, B, and C) and her/his school district (Strands D and E).

To find out more about the PDD and the PDD review process, read the Requirements and Guidelines for preparation of the Professional Development Dossier. Most importantly, the Requirements and Guidelines contain all directions on how to complete the PDD.

Submission Period

The PDD submission period begins July 15 at 12:01am and will remain open until 5:00pm, March 31 the following year.

Step-by-Step Process: Preparing and Submitting the PDD Online
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Register and create an account with the NM Public Education Department Online PDD system.

Carefully read the Requirements and Guidelines for preparing the PDD, including appendices that includes important forms.

Use the PDD Templates (see sidebar) to complete your dossier and submit each PDD strand.

Use the PDD Resources (see sidebar) to support your work as you collect evidence and complete your writing.

Submit Strands A, B, and C online.

Your administrator will complete Strands D and E.

The PDD is used to make licensure decisions, therefore the Requirements and Guidelines for its preparation are standardized, and you should follow them carefully. However, you should also remember that the intent of the Requirements and Guidelines is to allow you to tell a set of stories from your practice — stories that are illustrated and validated by concrete evidence from your work with your students and others in your classroom. The PDD is not a test with the right answer. Instead it allows you to construct a picture of your teaching.

To meet this goal, you are asked to provide explanations of what you did on several occasions in your teaching and to substantiate that explanation with data. Two outside reviewers will make decisions based on both the explanation and the data. As they review your dossier, they will seek to understand what you do and how you think about instruction, student learning, and professional growth. Both outside reviewers will be experienced educators, but only one of the reviewers will have similar subject area expertise. Keep in mind this purpose and audience as you construct your PDD.


For questions concerning PDD content and preparation, email Institute for Professional Development(IPD).

For questions concerning technical requirements or difficulty with VisionLink system, including password or login issues:

NM Public Education Department
Professional Licensure Bureau
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