A small subgenre of music known as urban desi gained popularity thanks to performers like Jay Sean, Juggy D, Rishi Rich, Kami K, Raja Wilco, Raghav, and others. Many additional musicians, including Arjun, Mickey Singh, Raxstar, and PropheC, have been able to broaden this platform thanks to the legends who first brought this genre to the attention of the globe. These well-known performers aren’t the only notable ones we have, though.

There are many talented singers, songwriters, rappers, and musicians today, but they haven’t received the worldwide acclaim that their music merits.
See this list of undervalued musicians you should be familiar with:

1. TaZzZ

Award-winning British rapper TaZzZ is of Pakistani ancestry. He is a talented producer, composer, and lyricist. TaZzZ’s tone is deep and gritty, which he contrasts with melodic Eastern beats like well-known Bollywood songs. His solo CD, “Epic Dreams,” was eventually released after many years in the business. He writes about personal subjects in his songs, including his mother and shortcomings as well as his love for his homeland in Pakistan.

The song “Failure” from TaZzZ’s debut album, “Epic Dreams,” which features Jay Kadn, is one of my personal faves.

2. Kaly

Rapper Kaly, who is of Indian and American descent, is steadily gaining popularity around the world. He has a distinctive voice and is a great lyricist. Kaly is a formidable force; his music strikes you in the gut as he discusses emotions and subjects that others shy away from. He cares about true, raw music as well, not just the fluff and gloss.

A. R. Rahman, among others, was impressed with Kaly, and the two collaborated on projects together, such as the “Ok Jaanu” soundtrack.

3. Navin Kundra

Navin Kundra is a British-Asian musician with a trained voice that is stunning in the classical style. Kundra offers more than simply the dance songs you’ll hear in the club, in contrast to many of the more well-known artists we see on the urban desi scene. Even the royal family of England has praised Kundra! The first British-Asian performer to be welcomed to St. James’ Palace, he even taught Prince Charles how to say the term “Mehbooba,” which is the name of one of Kundra’s more well-known songs. More recently, Kundra and his song were included on the BBC series “Doctors,” where one of the characters proposed to his lady love in Bollywood style.

4. Fateh

Rapper Fateh from Canada is well-known and skilled. Although you may be aware with Fateh from his work on songs like Mickey Singh’s “Body,” his solo music is equally as outstanding. Unlike the other well-known musicians, Fateh’s songs emphasize his rapping skills rather than the Bollywood or Bhangra genres of music. He flawlessly combines his English and Punjabi lyrics.

5. Samica

Samica is a young Indian-American singer who is just beginning out in her profession, but with her seductive voice, she has a chance to become well-known. Samica’s music is an amalgamation of soul, jazz, pop, and r&b. She also gives her Bollywood covers a western twist.
Samica was taught Indian classical music by her grandmother, and she received additional instruction through choir in school. Despite having a degree in business, this multitasker has always loved music. On her SoundCloud, you may listen to more of her own songs and covers.

6. Jernade Miah

Young musician Jernade Miah, a British-Bangladeshi, has developed a following in the UK but has his sights set on the American market. The most recent song by the talented rapper and singer, titled “All I Need,” was published by the Urban Asian Music label in Los Angeles.

Beginning with Mumzy Stranger, a British-Bangladeshi singer and composer, he studied music. After Jay Sean and Rishi Rich gained popularity, the latter founded an academy and taught a number of up-and-coming musicians, including Stranger and H-Dhami, who dominated the urban desi music scene in the mid-2000s. Later, Stranger assembled the “Stranger Family,” which comprised Miah.

7. RKZ

RKZ, a British-Asian musician, is a fantastic talent to pay attention to for reasons other than his music. He is an expert photographer, a supporter of mental health concerns, and the most refined, fashion-forward artist you’ll ever meet. Hip-hop and R&B influences in his music make it appealing to a wide range of music fans.

RKZ is a skilled rapper who can elicit intense emotions through his music, much like many of the other rappers on this list. He performs all of it himself because he has a beautiful singing voice. Check out “Notes,” the newest video from Handbook’s “Somewhere in the Afterbeat” album. Even the models in the video were styled by RKZ.

RKZ’s website has further information.

8. Swami Baracus

Another excellent rapper with incredible poetic capabilities is Swami Baracus, called the Baracuda, who ought to receive more credit for his abilities. Due to his skills, The Baracuda has won MC rap fights and numerous accolades. He has succeeded in establishing himself not just in the urban desi music industry but also in the hip-hop music scene in the United Kingdom.

He is one of the few urban desi artists who maintains the integrity of the hip-hop genre. Have you listened to how quickly the man raps?
The urban desi music industry needs to develop and evolve; these underappreciated artists are only a small portion of the many talented individuals fighting to be noticed. These artists each offer something unique to the table and should be commended for their efforts. Some have been working quietly on wonderful pieces of art for the past six or seven years in the industry.

Who in the music industry do you believe is underappreciated? Who in your opinion merits greater acclaim?

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