Do you enjoy adorning your home? If your answer is a loud YES, this piece is for you! Anyone would desire the greatest and most elegant furnishings for their home. Do you pay special attention to minor details? The Floating TV stands that increase the aesthetic of your television room or your home are the topic of this article.

Have you ever considered purchasing floating TV stands? It enhances the beauty of your room and looks fantastic. You may also keep any other equipment on the stand, such as your cable box or remote control. It simply helps your home appear more organized!

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Floating TV Stands just for you because you’re new to this! The 10 Best Floating TV Stands reviews will assist you in making an informed purchasing decision!

List Of 10 Best Floating TV Stands Reviews In 2022:

10-Prepac Altus Plus 58″ Floating TV Stands, White

White is the color of the Prepac Altus Plus 58-inch floating TV stand. The product can support up to 75 pounds. Whether it’s an LCD television or a flat screen plasma, this sturdy stand can handle anything.

There are three compartments for video and audio components in the product. Let’s have a look at the product’s features!


The product has a contemporary appearance.
It can support up to 75 pounds.
The device is simple to install on any wall, regardless of height.
There are 93 DVD or CD slots on the lower level.
The video and audio components are divided into three divisions.

9-Tribesigns 2 Tier Modern Wall Mount Floating Shelf TV Console

Tribesigns 2 Tier Modern Wall Mount Floating TV Console is a long-lasting item that is heat resistant, water resistant, and even weatherproof. There’s more! The product is made to durable and can support up to 70 pounds.

The product is comprised of environmentally friendly materials and has no hazardous ingredients. Despite the product’s small size, it has adequate room to store the set-top box, remote, DVD player, projector, and other items.

Let’s have a look at the product’s features!


The product is long-lasting. It can support up to 70 pounds.
Heat resistance, waterproofing, weatherproofing, and corrosion resistance are all features of this product.
There are no hazardous elements in it! The product is completely safe for humans and environmentally beneficial.
The device reduces room while still allowing for all of your TV necessities, including a DVD player, router, remote, set-top box, cable box, CD player, and gaming console.
The product is exquisite and provides your home the perfect modern style!
The product is simple to set up. It just takes about 15 minutes to set up! There are additional instructions supplied.
A money-back guarantee and excellent customer service are included.

8-Martin Furniture IMSE360C Floating TV Console

The IMSE360C Floating TV Console by Martin Furniture is composed of wood. It’s laminated and looks great! The device can hold up to 120 pounds, which is rather impressive! The product is simple to put together and mount to the wall without difficulty.

Martin Furniture IMSE360C TV console is an excellent choice if you want an exquisite product that will look great in your home.


It is constructed of wood.
It offers your property an exquisite appearance.
The item can support up to 120 pounds. It’s a long-lasting item with a laminated finish!
Installation is simple.
Three video and audio components can be stored in the product.
It is simple to mount on the wall.

7-Fitueyes Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console

The Fitueyes Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console is both attractive and functional. We like how this product is designed to save space. To be clear, the device does not support all television sizes. The hanging system, on the other hand, is sturdy and composed of tried and true metal.

We also like how easily it hides all of the cords and cables!


The product has a contemporary appearance.
It saves space and provides your home a clean appearance by concealing all wires and cords.
A tried and true metal hanging mechanism is included with the product.

6-Manhattan Comfort Cabrini Theater Panel 1.8 Collection TV Stand


The Manhattan Comfort Cabrini theatre panel is elegant and contemporary! The TV stand is designed to accommodate a 60-inch television. It has a 198-pound weight capacity. This is the device you should use if you want to hide all of your wires!

It includes three media shelves and three telescopic drawer slides. It looks jazzy and exciting thanks to the LED lights!


Looks sophisticated and contemporary
It has ample storage room for a 60-inch TV and weighs 198 pounds.
Say no to unsightly wires that detract from the overall appearance! Wire management is excellent in this product.

 5-Fenge Fitueyes 2 Tier Wood Av Shelf Component Wall Mount with Tempered Glass Shelf

The weight capacity of the Fenge Fitueyes 2 Tier Wood AV Shelf component wall mount is 22 lbs. A cable management solution is available to assist you avoid the mess! The product is designed in such a way that you can alter the colors. Fenge Fitueyes comes into play when you feel like you’ve mounted the TV but still don’t have enough room for all of your other devices. The shelves are spacious, and hanging it on the wall is simple.


It can support up to 22 pounds.
The product is simple to put on the wall.
There is sufficient room for devices.
The product is well-designed.

4-Martin Furniture IMAS360S Asymmetrical Floating Wall Mounted TV Console

The surface of the Martin Furniture IMAS360S Asymmetrical floating wall mounted TV console is laminated. It has a great asymmetrical style to it! One video or audio component can be stored in the product.

It’s a tough product that can hold up to 70 pounds. The product comes completely constructed and can accommodate a television up to 60 inches in size. Let’s have a look at the product’s features.


One video or audio component can be stored in the product.
It can support up to 70 pounds.
The item has been fully built.
The laminated finish is applied to the surfaces.

3-Manhattan Comfort Cabrini 1.8 Panel Collection Floating Wall TV Panel TV Wall Mount


The Cabrini Panel line from Manhattan Comfort is a floating Wall TV panel TV. The weight capacity of the wall mount is 74.29 lbs. It’s ideal for your house! The box includes with all of the necessary hardware, as well as a built-in media hole. The media hole conceals the wires that provide a cluttered appearance.


The finished product is beautiful.
It has a weight capacity of 74.29 pounds.
Simple assembly at home
The product includes a built-in media hole that conceals all wires for a clean appearance.

2-Prepac Espresso 42″ Wide Wall Mounted AV Console

The Prepac Espresso wall-mounted AV console is ideal for flat-panel plasmas and LCD televisions. It can support up to 50 pounds! Two higher compartments store video and audio components in the product. For discs and DVDs, there are two lower components. In a nutshell, it’s a product that must be brought home!


The product is both space-saving and stylish.
It can support up to 50 pounds.
There are two upper and two lower compartments in the product.
It has a storage capacity of 96 Blu-Ray discs and 64 DVDs.

 1-Zinus Modern Studio Collection TV Media Stand/Table

The Modern Studio series by ZINUS The TV Media Stand is fully functional as well as beautiful. The product is simple to put together, and you may do it yourself!

This device has a 100-pound weight capacity. In terms of appearance, the product features a rich brown wood grain finish that is easy to clean and attractive!

Characteristics –

Product with style
It comes with an extra shelf.
It’s simple to put together.
The product is simple to maintain.
Weight capacity of 100 lbs

The Final Word

We hope the reviews of the 10 Best Floating TV Stands aided you in making an informed decision! Before purchasing a product, it is wise to read reviews. This allows you to compare products and their prices. The characteristics and specifications of the product are detailed in the article, and we are confident that your search for the greatest product has come to an end!

All of the things mentioned above are available on Amazon! You’ll come across reviews from real buyers! What more could you ask for? Look over the products listed above and pick the best one!

Get the best-looking floating stand for your home to add some style! We are confident that you will choose the finest option from the list! Good luck with your purchasing!

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