As a responsible parent, you must place a high priority on your child’s safety whenever he or she goes out to play. Kids will sometimes ride their bikes all over the place, including on rough terrain, on the road, and on sidewalks. Unless the child is wearing a protective helmet, watching him or her ride a bike can be upsetting; the prospect of him or her crashing and suffering a serious head injury is frightening. As a result, you should have a nice bike helmet. In this article, we’ve reviewed the top ten finest children’s bike helmets for 2022.

Before we get into the meat of the matter, let’s define a decent helmet: A good helmet is one that fits your child’s head perfectly, has enough vent holes, a good clasp and chin strap, and enough cushioning on the interior. It’s usually a good idea to measure your child’s head circumference before placing an order so you can be sure he or she is the right size.

As you’ll see, judging size by your child’s age might be deceiving because children of the same age don’t always have the same head sizes. Simply wrap a sewing tape measure around the biggest section of your child’s head (in most cases, this is the part right above the ears) and measure the circumference. Let us now turn our attention to the primary topic.

List of 10 Best Kids Bike Helmets in 2022 Reviews:

10. Bell Side Track Orange Bike Helmet for Kids

Bell Side Track Orange Bike Helmet for Kids

The outside shell of this helmet is made of In-Mold polycarbonate, with a shock-absorbing EPS (expanded polystyrene shell) foam inner shell. When the necessity comes, the two can comfortably sustain a high-force hit. Its Ergo-Fit system makes it simple for your child to break it in and ride right away. If your child has a color preference, this is an excellent alternative for you because it has over ten different colors to select from.

A cool snap-in visor screens your child from direct sunlight, elastic chin straps, and a PinchGuard clasp keep the straps well in place are some of the other safety features of this helmet. The back of the helmet has a dial adjustment that you can use to modify the size of the helmet so that it fits comfortably on your child.

This helmet will suit your child nicely if his or her head measures 47-54cm (18.5-21.2 inches). The average age for such measurements is 4 to 10 years old. The ten ventilations located throughout the shell will provide enough of cool air to your child’s hair.

9. Bingggooo Multicolored Bike Helmet for Kids

Bingggooo Multicolored Bike Helmet for Kids

This adjustable fit head size cycling helmet for youngsters aged 3 to 8 years kicks off our evaluation. It is lightweight and large enough for your child’s ideal cycling experience, weighing slightly more than 200g and with a circumference ranging from 50cm to 53cm. The helmet’s camouflage color patterns make it a definite favorite for both boys and girls, in addition to its attractive style. It includes ten ventilation holes equally spaced over the top shell for a constant and unrestricted flow of air to your child’s hair.

The high-density EPS foam on the inside of the helmet and below the chin is part of the helmet’s head protection characteristics. The elastic, robust, and easy-to-fasten straps are still on the chin.

Because of its excellent packaging, this product is delivered to you in the best possible condition. When it comes to the pricing, you won’t believe how reasonable it is, especially when you consider the high quality. The customer care crew is also quite professional; you may contact them with any type of complaint before or after delivery, and you will be treated well.

8. Raskullz Girls Love Sparkles Bike Helmet.

Raskullz Girls Love Sparkles Bike Helmet.

Any little girl who enjoys outdoor biking will be enthralled by the expertly combined color patterns. Your child will never refuse to wear a helmet again thanks to the toy-inspired images all over the helmet. Furthermore, the helmet contains front-facing LEDs that blink, adding to the kid’s excitement. Its circumference is ideal for children with heads measuring 54-58cm, ranging in age from three to eight years.

Its nylon straps are designed to protect your daughter’s sensitive chin. The buckle is a simple hook-in with no complains of discomfort. Don’t worry if she enjoys riding on difficult trails; the helmet’s shock-absorbing EPS inner shell will provide all the protection she requires. The exterior and inner shells are securely cemented together, with the padding inside shaped more like a human skull; it perfectly wraps the head.

Because of its fantastic packaging, this is an excellent choice for a lovely gift for your daughter or niece. The customer support crew is very impressive; the way they handle your problem with professionalism will make you adore them even more.

7. Funwave Aquatic Design Bike Helmet for Kids

Funwave Aquatic Design Bike Helmet for Kids

This medication is most effective for children aged 3 to 7. It is a bright aqua design that will appeal to both boys and girls: your boy will appreciate the blue shark, while your daughter will like the pink octopus. Its inner padding is available in two sizes: 5mm and 10mm, for the best shock absorption and to ensure that your child can grow in it until he or she reaches the age of seven.

This helmet may be adjusted to fit children with various head circumferences. The straps, on the other hand, are soft, elastic, and adjustable to provide maximum comfort to the user. This helmet has 14 equally spaced ventilation holes so that your child may obtain an endless supply of cool air. It’s also adaptable in that your child can use it for mountain biking or roller skating.

6. Bell Rally Blue Bike Helmet for Kids

Bell Rally Blue Bike Helmet for Kids

This helmet includes 16 vent holes around the shell for optimal comfort throughout the summer, in addition to having a self-adjusting fit belt and being a perfect fit. The pinch guard on the buckle prevents your child from being pinched while wearing the helmet. In terms of size, it will fit any child with a head circumference of 52 to 56cm. The internal measurements are 6″ wide by 7″ long, making it ideal for children aged 3-6.

If The chin straps are secured in place by a pair of solid support straps, so you don’t have to worry about them coming undone. The foam cushioning inside is contoured to match the form of your child’s head. The buckle is a simple hook-in design, so your child will have no trouble fastening and unbuckling it on his or her own. The shell, on the other hand, is strong and well-made.
Is your child picky about colors? Is he or she a fan of vibrant colors? This helmet will keep you safe. You’ll be able to choose from eight various stunning and vivid color patterns, all of which are priced similarly. The butterflies will undoubtedly delight your child.

5. Giro Scamp Kids Cycling Helmet

You can never go wrong with this adorable helmet, which comes in 14 stunning, vibrant, and kid-friendly hues. It has an in-mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner for added comfort for your child. The Roc Loc Jr. ft system with pinch-guard buckle secures the helmet well in place at all times, ensuring your child’s safety. It’s also simple to place the helmet on your child, even if he or she dislikes wearing them.

The XS model is the ideal option if your child’s head circumference is between 17.75 and 19.25 inches (45-49 cm). If he or she is taller, choose the S size, which is ideal for children with a head circumference of 49 to 53cm. If you need to purchase a larger helmet for your child to grow into, don’t worry; this helmet features a turn dial on the back that you may use to modify the size. The chin straps, on the other hand, are elastic and adjustable. This helmet comes in a nice Giro box, making it an excellent gift option.

4. Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet

Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet

The first thing that will strike you about this kids’ bike helmet is its unbelievable low price, especially given its outstanding quality. The padding is adequate for all of your child’s protection needs when biking and participating in a variety of other sports. Because it comes in toddler, child, and youth sizes, you’ll need to be especially cautious while placing your order. The child size is appropriate for children aged 3 to 5, with a head circumference of 51 to 54cm.

The adjustable nylon chin strap, a strong outer shell, and easy-to-tighten straps are some of the other safety features of this helmet. Even for a child, fastening and unbuckling this helmet is simple.

This item is made in a kid-friendly manner to save you the hassle of getting your child to wear a helmet; your child will even refuse to take it off for this. On the front, it has extra-hard rubber droid eyeballs, and on the back, it has soft rubber antennae. When a child tries to remove or break the antennae, they are of a suitable length and bend easily.

3. Bell Child Frozen Cycling Helmets

Bell Child Frozen Cycling Helmets

This helmet incorporates the True Fit technology, which allows it to self-adjust to a perfect fit, just like other frozen kid helmets. It measures 50-54 cm (about 19-11/16 – 21-17/64 inches), thus it will most likely fit a child aged 5 to 8. A Pinch Guard is one of the safety features that ensures your child’s comfort throughout a long bike ride. There are also highly visible back reflectors, which add to the safety of the child.
The straps are soft, elastic, and adjustable, with a couple of set support straps that keep them in place. The bottom wrap design adds to the helmet’s overall comfort. When your little girl sees the 3-dimensional tiara and the jewel affixed to it, she will fall head over heels in love with this helmet. That’s not to mention the front-mounted light blue plastic visor.

This helmet’s cooling system is more than adequate, with 12 ventilation holes meticulously arranged from the back, to the top, and to the front.

2. 3D Web Slinger Multi-Sport

3D Web Slinger Multi-Sport

This helmet complies with CPSC bike safety standards, but it can also be used for other outdoor activities such as ice skating and kayaking. It features a pinch guard on the buckle, so you won’t have any trouble encouraging your child to wear it. The head measurements for this helmet range from 51 to 54 cm, however the adjustable and elastic chin straps can be adjusted to meet your child’s head size. This helmet is designed with air holes on the top and back areas for better cooling.

This helmet is suitable for children aged 4 to 8, with a circumference of 50 to 54 centimeters. Because it’s a Spiderman helmet, your boy will feel like the coolest child in the neighborhood when he wears it.

1. Razor V-17 Child Multi-sport Helmet

Razor V-17 Child Multi-sport Helmet

This helmet, which has an ergonomic inside padding and an additional size pad for maximum comfort, is at the top of our list. It has unrivaled ventilation, with 17 big vent holes uniformly spaced across the shell. The helmet fits children with a head diameter of 21.5 to 22.5 inches, making it excellent for children aged 5 to 8.

The side release buckles make it easy for you or your child to put on and take off the helmet. There are three decals on the helmet: one on the front and two on the sides.


If your child enjoys motorcycling, one of the 10 goods we’ve examined is the best gift you can offer him or her. They’re all made with your child in mind, with kid-friendly color patterns, designs, and buckling systems, so you won’t have to go to the hassle of persuading your child to wear a helmet. Remember that riding a bike is one of the most beneficial workouts your child can do. Provide him/her with the greatest possible equipment.

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